Pressing the ‘Edit’ button on my attitude.

Sitting at my managers office today, looking through sealing high windows at a view over-looking the sea and cloudy skies, for a moment I felt like I was alone in the world, I could hear myself breath and all I wanted was to talk to someone.

And I did…

I felt the presence of the One who created me, I knew he could hear my screaming soul and silent lips, I sighed and I spoke to Him, I told Him about my plans and how I am thankful for all the skills He has gifted me, I told Him about the bad things I have done and how much I wanted to change… I told him about the amount of love I had with no way to show it.

He responded…

I felt a sense of relief, I felt like no matter what, He would be there for me, no matter how much I distanced myself, He would come for me and sooth all my pain. The idea got me thinking, why do I stress myself all too often, things happen and sometimes, I just need to embrace the change.

I take a deep breath and I am back to reality, it felt quite strange to be back, but it felt good.





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