Blessed by the rain

Who else gets super excited when waking up to the sound of rain tapping on their window? I woke up this morning feeling super fresh, even though I wouldn’t have minded an extra hit on the snooze button.

It always seems to remind me of my childhood days, when I’d splash in every puddle with my bright yellow wellies. Obviously mum would make a fuss about it each and every time (She might as well have gotten used to it by then living in the great pond called the UK).

This fine morning I had to take both my brothers to university, which they weren’t very happy about (Men!- well not all men). You see, my baby’s at the mechanic getting all primped up, and I needed my way around, so I ended up taking my brothers bundle of joy (If your not on the same page yet, I’m talking about the cars).

We were driving by making small talk, seeing that each one of us was half asleep. It was pouring outside, and then out of the blues we halt to a full stop!! The roads were flooded! We had to look  for so many ways out, until eventually we got to our destination in one peace. I on the other hand had to go to the office, which was on the other side of town. Took me an hour or so, but hey can’t complain, had some time to contemplate and just enjoy the tapping of the rain.

How soothing.

Love Lu

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