Vegan Friday

It’s the weekend!!

I’m not always thrilled the weekend it hereI actually like Mondays.

However, my body is craving the rest, so I won’t complain, I’ll just give it what it deserves.


I woke up this morning with a million thoughts on zero waste and veganism (all credits go to Jenny Mustard, the queen of minimalism).

I’m already Vegetarian, which happened a couple of months ago, but the thought of a vegan lifestyle somewhat intimidates me, especially living in Libya, I’d eventually die of starvation. So, becoming vegan wasn’t really on my to do list.

Last night on the other hand, out of curiosity, I went through some vegan articles and videos, and to my surprise, it didn’t seem all that difficult. I have an extremely sensitive tummy, therefore it would be perfect for me.  I’ll give it a week and see if the hype of it all dies out…

Other than that I have a long day ahead it’s Mama’s birthday today (Happy birthday Mama!!) and I was thinking of surprising her with making the Oreos cheese cake she’s been on about this past week, and a small something I bet she’s going to love.

That’s about it, I guess I should get on with it already.


Comment date Dec 1st, 2018: The Vegan thing was just a faze.

Love Lu,

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