It’s a different version of me.

Hello World.

I really do believe every human is capable, I had a thought today that all knowledge is already there, it’s our job to find it and strive. It’s not that difficult, it just requires persistence.

I feel like I don’t procrastinate as much as I used to, my grinding game is on a different level, I really do feel like God is on my side.

I do believe that I will make it in the world, it’s funny you know, I used to be considered the dumb one in the family, the student who can’t focus or grasp anything, I used to be told that I was frustrating to teach, I had that in mind for the longest time, I just found out I had and still have a problem with communicating what I know, saying it loud, therefore most people think my brain is blank.

However, today, I have learned that I am more, I am not stupid, nor am I incapable, I am a hard worker and it will get me to where I am supposed to be in the world InshAllah.

Never think you are worthless, no matter how cliche you think that is, DO NOT think you are nothing, the knowledge is there, you just need to find it.


Love Lu

Pressing the ‘Edit’ button on my attitude.

Sitting at my managers office today, looking through sealing high windows at a view over-looking the sea and cloudy skies, for a moment I felt like I was alone in the world, I could hear myself breath and all I wanted was to talk to someone.

And I did…

I felt the presence of the One who created me, I knew he could hear my screaming soul and silent lips, I sighed and I spoke to Him, I told Him about my plans and how I am thankful for all the skills He has gifted me, I told Him about the bad things I have done and how much I wanted to change… I told him about the amount of love I had with no way to show it.

He responded…

I felt a sense of relief, I felt like no matter what, He would be there for me, no matter how much I distanced myself, He would come for me and sooth all my pain. The idea got me thinking, why do I stress myself all too often, things happen and sometimes, I just need to embrace the change.

I take a deep breath and I am back to reality, it felt quite strange to be back, but it felt good.



Love Lu


Blessed by the rain

Who else gets super excited when waking up to the sound of rain tapping on their window? I woke up this morning feeling super fresh, even though I wouldn’t have minded an extra hit on the snooze button.

It always seems to remind me of my childhood days, when I’d splash in every puddle with my bright yellow wellies. Obviously mum would make a fuss about it each and every time (She might as well have gotten used to it by then living in the great pond called the UK).

This fine morning I had to take both my brothers to university, which they weren’t very happy about (Men!- well not all men). You see, my baby’s at the mechanic getting all primped up, and I needed my way around, so I ended up taking my brothers bundle of joy (If your not on the same page yet, I’m talking about the cars).

We were driving by making small talk, seeing that each one of us was half asleep. It was pouring outside, and then out of the blues we halt to a full stop!! The roads were flooded! We had to look  for so many ways out, until eventually we got to our destination in one peace. I on the other hand had to go to the office, which was on the other side of town. Took me an hour or so, but hey can’t complain, had some time to contemplate and just enjoy the tapping of the rain.

How soothing.

Love Lu

Update on my life

Hello WordPress world,

It has been a hot minuet since I’ve let my brain wander here, however I feel like it’ll be quite therapeutic for me to start writing again, try to let some steam out every now and then .

I’ve been well, I work for a mega Investments company in the mornings, teach English to the sweetest girls in the afternoons, I have a tiny online store on Facebook and I want to learn how to make bread and sell it. I know I’m juggling quite a bit and have a lot going on, but that’s how I’m programed and that what keeps me sane (kind of).

I love my jobs, they do tend to get overwhelming but it’s ok, it’s worth the thrill. 

You may want to know about my social life, everyone seems to like the stories and the drama.

I have a wonderful boyfriend, we’ve been very much on a streak of fire none stop these days, the hormones are acting up. We do need to get married to let it out in a more healthy way but that’s a whole different story.

I have wonderful people around me Lolo my cousin is a blessing Marien, Selina my sweet sweet German friend and sister and my strong Sarah. I have my mum and my dad, my brothers are amazing sometimes. My grandparents, my aunts, I do have beautiful people in my life Alhamdolelah.

On the flip side, I have people who just despise me, no matter how good I am to them, no matter how much I try, the hurt they create is sometimes unbearable, I have the habit of being altruistic, I usually count peoples lives dearer to my own, a more reason for me to stay away, a means of protection.

Moreover I really am trying to be in the habit of seeing the good and throwing the bad behind my back, I know Allah loves me and I love hime, I have nothing but him in this world, and I hope some day I will be with him and he will embrace me in paradise. 

Oh, and I still want to be super rich!


Love Lu

Vegan Friday

It’s the weekend!!

I’m not always thrilled the weekend it hereI actually like Mondays.

However, my body is craving the rest, so I won’t complain, I’ll just give it what it deserves.


I woke up this morning with a million thoughts on zero waste and veganism (all credits go to Jenny Mustard, the queen of minimalism).

I’m already Vegetarian, which happened a couple of months ago, but the thought of a vegan lifestyle somewhat intimidates me, especially living in Libya, I’d eventually die of starvation. So, becoming vegan wasn’t really on my to do list.

Last night on the other hand, out of curiosity, I went through some vegan articles and videos, and to my surprise, it didn’t seem all that difficult. I have an extremely sensitive tummy, therefore it would be perfect for me.  I’ll give it a week and see if the hype of it all dies out…

Other than that I have a long day ahead it’s Mama’s birthday today (Happy birthday Mama!!) and I was thinking of surprising her with making the Oreos cheese cake she’s been on about this past week, and a small something I bet she’s going to love.

That’s about it, I guess I should get on with it already.


Comment date Dec 1st, 2018: The Vegan thing was just a faze.

Love Lu,

Let’s start…

desk-2Introduction has never really been my strong spot, but I’ll try, for the sake of this blog…

I’m a twenty something woman, whom hasn’t the slightest idea on where she stands in this overwhelming planet.

I have experienced extravagant events throughout my life that have left me with everything and nothing.

Expression hasn’t ever been appealing to me, however I’d like to walk you through it all. From wanting to become a minimalist to all the passions I have developed throughout the years.

I can be exceedingly silly and very dull at times (so please, bare with me).

Love Lu